Precision cleaning is not just for circuit boards and electronics any more. Corrosion resistance and coating quality start with a clean surface. Coated components, whether they are painted, porcelain enameled, or corrosion inhibited, demand cleanliness for optimal results. In the past, the use of iron phosphate, zinc phosphate, and chromate pretreatments allowed formulators to remove gross soils with alkaline cleaners, and then rely on the pickling power of the conversion coating to clean welded areas and remove oxides and other surface impurities. With the advent of zirconium conversion and organic coatings, we now have to depend on the cleaner to completely clean the substrate, not just remove oils and greases.

The focus is not only what the cleaner is removing, but also what the cleaner is leaving behind. Many cleaners contain inhibitors to protect metal during the cleaning process; however, these same inhibitors also inhibit the deposition of conversion coatings.

CAL CLEAN 947 and CAL CLEAN 944 are the first cleaners in the industry to be formulated with these new treatments in mind. Designed for use on all ferrous and non-ferrous substrates, this family of cleaners not only removes oils and other manufacturing soils, but also provides superior weld area cleanliness. By removing carbon and other surface impurities, conversion coatings can reach their maximum potential.

These products do not rely on traditional cleaning mechanisms of simply powering through soils with a lot of alkalinity, but rather penetrate through soils because of their superior Dynamic Surface Tension (DST) and Interfacial Tension (IFT) profile. These properties allow the products to target particulate soils as well as oils and greases. Faster cleaning of gross soils also allows for a more complete cleaning of surface impurities, providing the most reactive substrate for your coating system.

• Superior oil, oxide, and particulate soil removal
• Safe for use on all substrates
• Easily rinsed and lower conductivity allow for reduced system water usage
• Tolerates very high soil load allows for long tank life
• Non-scaling – prevents nozzle and plumbing plugs, reducing maintenance
• Silicate-free
• Available in phosphorous-free

CASE STUDY – Pinhole defect in powder coating


Before Cleaning


After Cleaning

This customer had switched from iron phosphate to zirconium pretreatment, but had left the cleaner the same. The area around the weld was not coming clean through the new pretreatment process. Although it could easily be wiped off, the new process was not removing the loose carbon and causing pinholes and adhesion issues with the powder coated parts. Apparently the iron phosphate had been previously removing this soil.

The cleaner was replaced with CAL CLEAN 947. The particulate soil could now be removed, eliminating the defect and allowing the customer to see the full benefit of the zirconium conversion coating process.